Filming Diary – 23/05/2017

Today I was filming for the fourth poem in my sequence, Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart is a poem written by Rita Dove, detailing her heart in a series of similes and metaphors. The analysis for this poem can be found here.

The idea for this film was inspired by the 2000 film American Psycho. It’s directed by Mary Hannon, and features one scene which I took main inspiration from and payed homage to in this film. The scene details main character Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) tells us the audience over voiceover what his skincare routine is, as on screen he performs this routine.

The shot list for this film can be found below. It was a very short shot list because there were really only four things that I needed to film. I have also done pre-production work, as well as work that was originally planned but later changed or scrapped, which can be found here.


The filming commenced at around 3:30, me and Drew set up the equipment I needed in the lighting studio, which was a camera, a green screen, one light, and a tripod. The previous lunch time I had gone to Boots to purchase some cheap skin care products for this shoot. I ended up buying some moisturiser, a face mask, some facial toner, some face wipes, and some eye makeup remover pads. This came out of my own money but as it only came to about £6.50 I wasn’t too fussed.

I knew I wanted a green screen for this project, which was why I was going to be filming in the lighting studio as opposed to doing my filming outside of college. Originally I had planned to green screen in footage of people walking about, as if he was performing his skin care routine in this middle of a busy street. This I felt contrasted to how personal a skin care routine is, and in turn the symbolism to how personal the feelings in your heart are too. However, I decided that on such limited time I didn’t have the time to do this, as I was originally planning to film people walking across the green screen, and then layer it so it makes it look like there’s lots of people. I instead decided to green screen him so it looks like he’s in a very lavish bathroom, one that someone with considerable income would own.

I filmed him in sections, which amounted to him putting on four skin care items, so four shots. Originally, I was nervous that this wouldn’t be enough footage to last the entire voice over of the poem, but since the poem is quite short (it only looks long because the lines are written short and vertically) that won’t be an issue. First he applied the toner, which I decided to shoot first not only because it will be the first thing he applies in the film, but also because it’s the easiest. After that, I filmed him applying the eye makeup remover pads to his eyes. I know that these are used to remove makeup and aren’t a part of a skincare routine, but I wanted something to look similar to when people in films places cucumbers over their eyes. Obviously I did’t want to actually use cucumbers because that would mean I would have to carry around a cucumber all day, so I thought these eye pads would suffice. The I filmed him putting on moisturiser. This will be the last step in the skin care routine, but I wanted to save the messiest until last. That said messiest was the sheet facial mask. It wasn’t extremely messy it was just very wet and goopy and I didn’t want start with that as it would be the most difficult to apply and would take the most perfecting.

Overall, I think that this shoot went really well and I surprised myself in how quickly and efficiently I was able to turn this shoot around. I went from thinking that I would have to skip out on filming this poem because I had overestimated how much work I could achieve, to being able to film it in about a half hour.


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